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Business Bytes: How to Succeed as a Coach Everyday

Coaching and managing are related roles, but separate ones. Managers make sure that a worker’s performance meets explicit goals; coaches strive to help people meet their potential and exceed expectations. To hone your coaching skills more keenly, follow this advice.
Your Job Isn’t to Keep the Store; Your Job is to Keep Customers
Last fall I was in a rural town for a football game that my daughter was cheering for. She had to be at the game an hour early. So, I dropped her off and drove to the downtown area to see if I could find something interesting to photograph while I waited for the game to start. (I’m a hobbyist photographer.) It didn’t take me long to find that something interesting. I found an S&H Green Stamps sign hanging over what used to be a grocery store.
6 Warning Signs of Employee Burnout
Employees on the brink of burnout often give warning signs of potential burnout long before full burnout occurs. Knowing signs of early burnout can help managers proactively take steps to help employees avoid burnout, low morale or negativity. Here are 6 signs that may suggest an employee is on the brink of burnout.
How to Ask Customers Questions – The Bridging Technique
Asking a customer questions can sometimes be tricky. We have to ask questions to get to the root of the problem, understand fully what the customer needs, and in general, to serve the customer. But very often, a series of questions can sound like an interview, or worse. If we’re not careful, multiple questions can come across as an interrogation.