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You Get What You Celebrate!

One of my clients asked me to deliver a keynote to kick off the company’s Customer Service Week celebration. Right before I took the stage, the company played audio testimonials from a few very happy and satisfied customers. The testimonials were descriptive and quite emotional. Each of the testimonials was about an interaction a customer had with a member of the company’s Customer Service Team. The entire company was in attendance, so this was a golden opportunity for Customer Service to shine. People throughout the company were able to hear first-hand the impact the customer service team had on customers, satisfaction and brand perception. Audience members began to smile and nod during the testimonials. At times applause broke out. I got chills as I listened to the customers and watched the audience reaction.
Business Bytes: Beyond ‘Great job!’ Give Praise that Gets Results
Everyone likes a pat on the back and a hearty “well done.” But making praise a truly effective motivational tool requires a little planning. Here are some pointers:
How to Engage Students, Part 1: Flipping and CPR in the Classroom for High Student Engagement
Paying attention to the student experience and constantly improving on it is just as important to teachers as the customer experience is to corporations. We must learn to engage students and teach them the way they prefer to learn. This article presents two creative teaching methods for high student engagement: Flipped Classroom and the CPR Method.
How to Engage Students: Engaging Ways to Review with Students
When you follow the CPR method (see part 1 of this article), you’ll find that you’re reviewing a lot in the classroom. That can get old for students quickly if you’re just saying, “Now, let’s review.” Don’t do that. Instead, try these engaging review techniques.