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4 Things Every Supervisor Should Be Doing to Address Unacceptable Employee Performance

If you are a parent, you most likely can easily set expectations for your child, issue consequences and not feel guilty about it. You know what you’re doing is best for your child. But can you behave the same way at work? Can you follow through on consequences, knowing employees were clear on your expectations? Can you discipline your employees without feeling guilty?
Succeed at Coaching with this Advice
Managing and coaching are separate roles, but they’re closely related. Managers make sure that a worker’s performance meets explicit goals; coaches strive to help people meet their potential and exceed expectations. To hone your coaching skills more keenly, follow this advice…
Build Motivation With These Verbal Strategies
Want to motivate your workforce better? You can persuade people to follow your vision by building one or more of these factors into whatever kind of communication you’re planning:
Can Employees Trust Your Promises?
Your employees’ trust in you diminishes every time you make a “pretend commitment.” That’s when you say “yes” but you really mean “maybe.” Are you guilty of making pretend commitments? Follow this action plan to rebuild your team’s trust in you: