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Challenge Yourself to Find New Ideas

You’ve got to produce something fresh, new, and creative—and nothing is coming. Creativity can be difficult sometimes, but here are some ideas for sparking your imagination and keeping it alive:
Beware the Fatal Temptations of Leadership at the Highest Levels
Smart leaders know that leadership is about responsibility, not power. You have a responsibility to avoid the fatal temptations of leadership, but that means recognizing them before you succumb to them.
4 Tips for WOWing Customers Who Experience Problems
Recently I had a new oven delivered to my home. After unloading the oven and bringing it inside, the retail store deliveryman pointed out that there was a small dent on the right side of the oven. The dent would not affect the performance of the oven and would not have been seen because the adjacent cabinets would have hidden it. It truly was no issue at all to me. But the delivery guy quickly used his cellphone to call the company, got a specialist on the line and then handed me his phone.
Put More Power into Employee Praise
“You catch more flies with honey than with vinegar” is an old saying but one with a lot of truth.