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This Past Week’s Changes To The Over-Time Rules Under FLSA

This past week, President Obama and Secretary Perez announced the Department of Labor’s final rule updating the overtime regulations under the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA). The final rules have been expected for some time, but what exactly do they mean for employers? Read on…
How To Improve Your Customer Experience By Asking, “What’s Missing?”
Years ago my pastor told me I had a gift for spotting what’s wrong with a situation. I had just told him that while all members and regular attendees could easily locate restrooms, the bookstore and nursery, first-time visitors would have an awful time locating these areas of the church because everything is hidden. “We needed signage,” I told him. “We have to be welcoming to first-time visitors. We have to make it easy for them. If we don’t, how can we turn first-time visitors into repeat guests, then to regular attendees and ultimately convert them to members?”
The Way Of Harmony: 4 Keys To Getting In Harmony With What Customers Want, Need, Perceive And Feel
Harmony is the goal for the customer experience. When the customer experience is harmonic, first-time customers become repeat customers, and repeat customers become loyal customers. When the experience is out of harmony, customers often defect, spread negative word-of-mouth advertising or both. Achieving harmony in the customer experience is about understanding four keys: Needs, Wants, Perspectives and Emotions. Understanding these four keys puts companies in the position to deliver the level of service customers expect and deserve, which results in customer loyalty and increased profits. This article explores the Four Keys to a Harmonic Customer Experience.
Business Bytes: Challenge Employees To Develop Leadership Skills
Providing high-potential employees with challenges that help them develop and grow will benefit everyone—you, your organization, and the employees themselves. Here are some worthwhile tasks to offer: