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How to Be Friendly in Business and Why It Matters

Friendliness. It’s a simple concept really. We meet. I like you, you like me. But what makes a person friendly? And why should it matter to a businessperson like you?
Top 7 Things to Consider Before Speaking to a Difficult Person
Some people are just plain difficult. They are always complaining; they are picky, know-it-alls, egocentric, faultfinders, constant complainers, unreasonable, demanding…you know these people. Here are 7 insights that will help you gain the upper hand when dealing with difficult people and ultimately create calm in conflict situations.
Improve Your Leadership and Effectiveness with 3 Simple Words
Feedback is the breakfast of champions. You’ve heard that before. Feedback from employees, students, parents and colleagues can help us innovate, move out of our comfort zone, improve and grow. In essence, feedback can help us step our game up. If feedback is, indeed the breakfast of champions, how do we get real, hearty feedback?
Have You Ever Thought About Taking Your Staff on a Fieldtrip?
This morning I took a team from one of my client’s branches on a field trip. We’re working to create the best possible customer experience in my client’s organization, and I believe one way to achieve this goal is to learn from the best. So, I got everyone out of the office and we went to the Apple store.