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Driver Selection

An 18-year old, who had recently graduated from high school and would soon be headed to college, volunteered to drive some of the youth group participants across town to go bowling. Though the parish had a rule prohibiting any of the youth group members from driving, they felt he no longer fit into that category. Two youngsters piled into his car and off they went. Moments later, the young boys and the teen driver raced up the exit ramp at a high rate of speed, slid out of control, and struck a light pole. Fortunately nobody was killed. Unfortunately, the two passengers had serious injuries and recovery will take years.
Use These 2 Sentences to Get People to Take Action
At Myra Golden Seminars, we use a unique and highly effective formula to motivate audiences to take action on techniques, ideas, and strategies we introduce in our training sessions. The closing technique we use after presenting all major ideas is called the Magic Formula Closing and was developed by Dale Carnegie, creator of the world-renowned Dale Carnegie Course and author of How to Win Friends and Influence People.
How to Be Friendly in Business and Why It Matters
Friendliness. It’s a simple concept really. We meet. I like you, you like me. But what makes a person friendly? And why should it matter to a businessperson like you?
Top 7 Steps for Addressing Unacceptable Employee Performance
As leaders, we sometimes avoid opportunities to address unacceptable performance or behavior. Perhaps we fear our feedback will result in a difficult-to-handle response or harm relationships. The reality is, withholding constructive feedback will do more harm than good in the long run. Giving constructive feedback is easier and more effective when we are prepared. Following are 7 steps for addressing inappropriate behavior.