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Here’s What Should Not Go in Personnel Files

Keeping the wrong things in personnel files could mean you’re violating the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) or putting your organization at risk for litigation. In this article we’ll explore what does not go in the personnel file.
Top 6 Questions About Personnel Files Answered
Concerns about compliance keep you up at night. You must maintain impeccable records. You must understand state and federal laws when it comes to record retention. Your company counts on you to know and be all things HR. The bottom line is this: the primary focus of a human resources manager is knowledge.
Can My Telecommuting Employee File a Workers’ Compensation Claim for an Injury that Happened at Home?
You thought you were being such a good manager. You often let your employees work from home, especially when their lives demand some flexibility. Now one of your workers says she needs to take two weeks off because she pulled a muscle tripping over her own sleeping dog! Can this honestly be your fault? You’ve never seen her home office, never mind met the dog. And HR is mad at YOU because the claim will affect your premium rate. Can’t begin to imagine how the employer has liability in this situation? Read on to learn just how far workers’ compensation awards go…
Workers’ Compensation Fraud
How can you verify the integrity of the workers’ compensation process? Where do you go if you suspect fraud? Read on…