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Personnel Files Must Tell the Complete Story: 5 ways to ensure your employee files tell the complete story

Incomplete documentation in personnel files is a lot like missing pages in a novel. Another manager may be able to piece the story together, but critical information would be missing. Piecing together information is dangerous because it could lead to assumptions, inaccuracies and worse, potential litigation due to errors. Use the steps discussed in this article to ensure your personnel files tell the whole story.
Personnel Records: What Should Be Included in the Personnel File
The first concern of personnel files is usually what goes into the file. It is important to have all of the essential documents in place in order for your files to be complete and to protect your organization in the case of litigation. This article explores what should be included in the personnel file.
Top 6 Questions About Personnel Files Answered
Concerns about compliance keep you up at night. You must maintain impeccable records. You must understand state and federal laws when it comes to record retention. Your company counts on you to know and be all things HR. The bottom line is this: the primary focus of a human resources manager is knowledge.
Here’s What Should Not Go in Personnel Files
Keeping the wrong things in personnel files could mean you’re violating the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) or putting your organization at risk for litigation. In this article we’ll explore what does not go in the personnel file.